English Woodlands Timber

Information Illustration for English Woodlands Timber


A series of information based narrative illustrations for English Woodland Timber's website informing customers how EWT's business operates from the sustainable felling of logs to the customers' use of timber.

2019 AOI World Illustration Shortlisted Work

  1. Selection and Felling

The felling of old hardwood trees is emotional. This thing of beauty has grown and matured over centuries locking up carbon and history inside its grain patterns. We carefully select individual trees rather so that the forest canopy is not too disturbed. This is carried out under approved management plans and felling licenses. Skilled timber fellers are employed to drop the tree carefully ensuring the butt is not damaged.


2. Milling

Selected logs are taken to the sawmill where a lifetime’s experience is brought to bear on how to cut the log to best effect. This is a raw process revealing the intricate grain patterns, figure and colour inside the tree.


3. Board Seasoning

Hardwood timber takes time to season. Each board is separated with a small stick making the log a boule, labelled and left to season for at least one year to air dry. This is done until such a time as the boules are taken into our kilns to reduce the moisture so that timber can be used inside.


4. Customer selection

Once kilned we individually identify and photograph each board. This detail is uploaded onto our website so that makers can browse the selections from their own workshop. Makers can be anywhere in the world and see right into our board store. This fantastic resource has enable many more makers source our boards and expanded our business geographically.


5. Customer visit and selection

Having either identified the board required or developed an appetite to visit we welcome customer visits to select the boards required. Always a tactile process many makers feel like they are in a sweetshop of possibility. Selected boards can be taken away on the day or delivered.


6. Maker workshop 

Set back in the woods the maker gets to work creating a piece of furniture and then the satisfaction of using and reflecting on a task well done. The wood in the tree has come full circle.

© Thomas WH Compton